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GROUNDFIGHTING plus: 90% of fights go the floor! Four hours training! How to defend yourself if you get taken down against one or multiple attackers. How to attack from the floor - these are effective strategies designed to work in REAL situations where there is no referee - how to get back up on your feet safely. Plus - take downs, releases on the ground and much more.

ROAD RAGE:  Four hour session. Learn how to defend yourself in a 'road rage' situation. Also, how to approach your car, where to get your keys out, what to do if attacked whilst approaching your car, where to be, etc, in a car park with a car next to you. If you're attacked in the car (lots of different scenarios including a hitch-hiker or cab fare), how to exit your car, use your car as a weapon and use your car to move another etc. Taken from our anti-terrorist and VIP protection syllabus, this seminar has no equal. 

SOME ADVANCED TRAINING:  Four hours including defences against Gun threats (2: from around the body), advanced fighting techniques and training against multiple attackers. A MUST!

BUILDING AGGRESSION &DETERMINATION:  Four hours of training, which is specifically designed to bring out your aggression in a controlled manner, increase your determination or 'fighting spirit' and focus. Also exercises to help you operate under pressure or stress. (These exercises do not involve contact - only on pads etc).


Executive Travelling Abroad?

Executives travelling overseas on business, they need to know how to behave and what to be on the look out for. We can provide training for your executive on how to behave with their bodyguard (we also provide Israeli trained bodyguards, should you need), what to do when things go wrong, kidnap awareness and much more.

Courses range from dealing with road-rage to training noise abatement staff! For more information or to discuss any special requirements call us today.


Corporate Courses

A company's most valuable asset is it's staff, that's why the 'Boardroom Warrior' is our most popular course. Costs include accomodation and meals. Call for more information on this and other courses designed to get the most from your executives.

"The Boardroom Warrior"


"A Real Warrior Makes The Best Board Room Warrior"

Our most popular training course. In Israel, the attitude to Military Leadership is different to anywhere else, 'follow me', is the most often used sentence of their leaders, in other words they lead from the front. The top military leaders in Israel are usually the people who end up at the top end of politics - in fact their greatest Prime Ministers have all been generals etc in their 'elite units'. Why? It's simple, if they can lead (and others follow) under extremes of pressure, and make decisions under this pressure, they can do it any time. And the people of Israel know this. This 3 day course is not the usual 'team build' course that you are probably used to. This programme is designed to teach your executives to be able to defend themselves effectively (thus protecting your investment in the executive) at the same time putting the student under pressure, both physical and physiological. The student will learn to handle changing situations under pressure and valuable leadership training whilst having fun in a safe environment.

Valuable Clients?

Send them on a 1 or 2 day outing with us that they will never forget! Luxury accommodation, training programmes built to your requirements, pampering and the best restaurant & bar in Cornwall. Loads to do in the evenings - great fun and useful too.

In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.