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Krav Maga
Regular Classes

Central London

The Fitness Exhange, 179a Tottenham Court Road, London W1

Regular classes are held at The Fitness Exchange, Tottenham Court Road from 19:30 - 21:30 every Tuesday and Wednesday. Classes are structured to give students a blend of reality, technique and power as well as stamina. Incorporating advance teaching methods, students progress at a rate far in advance of 'main-stream martial arts'.

Although self defence is a serious topic, and we take it very seriously, students find the lessons enjoyable, training together with people from a variety of backgrounds.

You don't need to be an Olympic standard athlete to perform Krav Maga effectively, no matter what your age, weight, body type or gender, Krav Maga will work effectively for you.

As you progress with you training you will notive the effects on your body. You will become fitter and if prone to overweight, you will begin to shed unwanted pounds! Your reactions and reflexes will become quicker, co-ordination and flexiblility will also improve dramatically. All this whilst learning to protect yourself with what is widely beleived to be the world's best system of self defence

We shall be adding more nights soon, watch this space.


Minimum Requirements.

Before you can participate in the regular classes you must first go through the induction course (unless you have prior Krav Maga experience and with the consent of the Instructor).

Training times.


Tuesday & Wednesday: 7:30pm till 9:30pm
Fitness Exchange, 179a Tottenham Court Rd.(Entrance is off Queens Yard).

P.S.We carefully plan each lesson so every night is different, not only in content but the 'type' of lesson, i.e. one lesson may be dynamic another more technical, and so on.