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Krav Maga
Induction Course

Here you'll find information and dates for Induction days.


To start Krav Maga training there is a four hour induction class, which covers the essential core basics of Krav Maga. This class in itself is a very useful grounding in self defence and counter-attacking, but it also enables a person to join an existing training group without feeling like a fish out of water, or to attend any first level seminars. The cost of the Induction Course is just 25GBP.

Krav Maga has a long and credible history and is regarded by many to be the best self defence system around. We know Krav Maga works and it works under stress. All Krav Maga techniques are tried and tested in real-life situations: Krav Maga is the official fighting system of the IDF. When you learn Krav Maga you can rest assured you are learning techniques that are proven to work. Krav Maga is quick to learn and easy to retain. Krav Maga has no sporting applications, although there is a grading system for people who wish to monitor their own progress.

Defences are taught against all manner of attacks and threats from all around the body as well as sitting or lying, in well lit and dark surroundings. Releases from dangerous grabs such as chokes, strangles, headlocks and bear hugs are covered early in the syllabus, as are defences against various stick and knife attacks and knife threats. So that you can make decisive counter-attacks you will be taught how to strike effectively and powerfully using hand combinations and feet. You will also learn close quarter combat (Krav Maga means 'close quarters combat' in English) striking with elbow, knee, head butts, eye strikes etc. We will teach you how to fight at different speeds and rhythms. Seminars are held regularly for topics such as Road Rage, Building Aggression and Determination, Defences Against Edged Weapons, and Ground Fighting is covered, although the emphasis is always to get back up on your feet as quickly as possible.

Krav Maga training teaches you how to react when you are
completely surprised because that what is likely to happen
on the street. Our unique training methods simulate the
stress of a real attack without compromising your safety.
Every technique must work from the worst possible
position. Krav Maga training is also fun and your fitness and
endurance levels will improve as will your flexibility and
co-ordination, which can lead to an all over feeling of well
being and confidence.

The inductions are fun too!


November 25th.
Fitness Exchange,
179a Tottenham Court Road,
London W1.

The entrance to the Fitness Exchange is in Queens Yard, just past Capper Street off Tottenham Court Road. Nearest BR is Euston and tube is Warren Street or Goodge street.

Vs choke on the ground, attacker at the side.

Learn to defend youself PROPERLY.

Common objects as weapons!

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