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Krav Maga
Private Classes

Private one-to-one tuition at our studio in Stevenage.


The best and fastest route to competence in Krav Maga is without doubt by private, one-to-one lessons.

Starting at just 25GBP per hour private lessons are also financially viable. Training is a minimum of 3 hours each session and as each student is different and may have different goals or needs, the training is tailored to each individual student, whether it be self-defence or security etc..

At our own, private studio in Stevenage you will have the opportunity to train in comfort and total anonymity.

Training can include gradings or diploma based courses, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Training is reality based and in a wide variety of situations. See below.

Training includes defences against common weapons and in different locations.


Learn to defend against edged weapons....efectively!


Highly intensive training for small groups of 4 working toegther over a 2 month period. Training is usually 16 hours per week and is aimed at bringing you on to a high standard of competence in a very short time.

The syllabus is specific for each group - in other words suited for your needs. Please contact us for availability and costs and to discuss your requirements.

Training is at our private studio in Stevenage but we are prepared to travel if neccessary.

We hope to update this page often with new photos.

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